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Successful Price Campaigns for eBooks

You already sell your eBook online, but you are not really satisfied with the sales? To do eBook marketing is very important for your visibility and sales numbers  and the best thing is, it can be done quite easily! The fact alone that your eBook is online in shops doesn’t necessarily mean that it is sold well. Online shops sell a wide range of products, if you don’t advertise in order to stick out, it is likely that your eBook gets “lost in translation”.

Today we want to show you some tricks, on how to increase your eBook sales with price campaigns:

Planning a Price Campaign

Sell your eBook at a special price. That way you can give your customer an incentive to buy your product and you can not only increase the sales numbers, but also your visibility in the online shops. The best time to plan a price campaign is either right at the release date or at a later time to push your eBook. In the event of a later price campaign keep in mind that some dates are better than others.

Perfect Timing

Keep in mind that holidays, long weekends, school breaks, Christmas, etc. are perfect since people have more time to pursue their hobbies and respectively also reading. Use this to your advantage, since shops also might advertise your eBook because of the expected high demand.


If you have eBooks that already sell well, but you want to reach the full potential, then it is best to only pick those titles for your price campaign which had a high sales volume within the last 6 months. “Less is more”, focus on your bestselling products.

Appropriate Period of Time

Ideally the duration of your price campaign should be 2 weeks. Start your campaign on a friday and end it on a thursday. This ensures an optimal start, as sales on the weekends are more likely to be higher.

Ads on Social Media

Inform as many people as you can about your special offer and use all of your social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) to spread it. Our new promotion tool Feiyr Link-it! makes it very easy for you, to share several shop links at once. Feiyr Link-it! is a link generator that combines all platforms that are relevant for you in just one compact link. You also get access  to daily statistics and analyses to see the click behavior of the users. This way you can optimize your future marketing campaigns. Feiyr Link-it! is of course free of charge for you. All you need to use it is a through Feiyr released eBook. Here you can see a sample link.


You can easily plan price campaigns in your Feiyr account: You either plan it right when you insert the metadata of your eBook. Or you can trigger an update, if your eBook is already online.

Start selling your eBooks with Feiyr and register now at!

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