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We all want more attention and reach in the digital and analog world. But how does one archive that? And, above all, when? There are days in the year that are particularly interesting for you and your project to reach the full potential.

Use Awareness Days and Commemoration Days

Each year there are many awareness days and observance or commemoration days that are like “unofficial holidays”. They have therefore been created to draw attention to specific issues such as environmental protection, world peace, health, etc. You should know these days to carry out your own campaigns and events during this period. You can find a list of international observance and awareness days here.

Publish a Press Release

If you would like to be published in the press (local newspaper, daily newspaper, online magazine, or even print magazines), then publish a press release about your special story around an awareness day.

  • Your book is about mental illnesses? Then publish a press release for International Mental Health Day on October 10th.
  • You wrote a song about environmental awareness? Then put the 5th of June in your diary.
  • You have dedicated yourself to beer? Every first Friday in August is International Beer Day

So you see there are plenty of occasions, perfect to get journalists interested. Remember that you have to publish the press release at least a few days (or weeks) in advance so that your story can be printed in time.

Plan Social Media Campaigns

But also end consumers are sensitized on these days and are then more interested in these topics. At this time it’s best to advertise on Facebook and Instagram. Do a giveaway on Social Media and exchange ideas with your fans. Tell them why you care so much about this topic and share your expert knowledge about it.

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