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The Right Time to Release Your Book

You have finished writing and proofreading your book and the book’s cover is ready. Now, you want publish it as soon as possible – or maybe it’s better to wait a bit? When is actually the right time to publish a book – right before the beginning of a book fair? During the pre-Christmas period? As soon as possible after completion? Read on and follow our useful tips to choose the ideal release date for your book.

1. Start Early Enough to Organize

The creation and publication of a new book is a long-range plan. It takes a lot of time to write and release a book. Planning is a never-ending process. Also, remember to take your time to design the cover, proofread and market your book – do not do these things in a rush.
Start early enough to organize. It is better to plan a little bit more time than necessary – do not let any obstacle that might get in your way ruin your plans.
The best you can do is put together a schedule with different deadlines and then reckon backwards from the desired release date to decide when you should start.
Do not forget that marketing measures such as the creation of a website or targeted presswork need time.

2. Round off Your Title

Your book is finally ready and now you want to sell it straightaway 😉
After putting so much time and effort into your project though, do not rush now that you are in the home stretch. Be sure your book is ready for the book market. Have your book’s cover designed by a professional, gather reviews from readers and hire a professional proofreader to have your book spellchecked and corrected.

3. The Right Occasion

The book fairs in Leipzig and Frankfurt are definitely good occasions to introduce new books to the world. The attention of the media is higher than during the rest of the year. However, you should keep in mind that during book fairs several new releases are presented, so the competition is fierce.
No worries though – there are plenty of other occasions when to launch a book. Keep the content of your book in mind and decide accordingly where and when to present your book.
Media operators usually participate in big events such as anniversaries and jubilees. You might choose events that are somehow linked with your book. A romance novel could be released on Valentine’s Day for example.
You could also release during the summer slump, when media are more open to proposed topics.

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