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VLB-Tix – Why It Matters

In the digital world, the book market has changed dramatically in recent years. Authors and publishers are faced with the challenge of making their works available to a wide audience while ensuring effective communication. This is where VLB-TIX comes in.

What can VLB-TIX do?

This platform offers a wide range of features and enables premium publishers to attract the attention of more than 16,400 users to their titles. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at what VLB-TIX can do for authors and publishers.


Who is using the platform? VLB-TIX offers authors and publishers a huge reach. With access to 6,400 booksellers, 4,500 journalists, bloggers and frequent readers, it offers an ideal opportunity to present their works to a wide readership. This reach allows authors and publishers to effectively market their books and reach potential readers.

Reading copies

A key advantage of VLB-TIX is that authors and publishers can offer their reading copies for download in various formats (mobi, PDF, epub). This allows users to get to know the books in advance and get a first impression. This is an important step in generating interest in the works and possible reviews or articles.

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Targeted Previews

This feature allows publishers to target booksellers and journalists with titles of interest. Journalists are always on the lookout for material for articles and seasonal themes. Direct communication with relevant decision-makers is made easier and more effective.

Order Option

Another key benefit is the ability for booksellers to place orders directly through the platform. This greatly simplifies the ordering process and saves time for all parties involved. Booksellers can search the extensive title database, view availability and pricing information and place orders online. This efficient ordering option optimises the relationship between publishers and booksellers by simplifying the ordering process and ensuring smooth communication.

Market Analysis

By using VLB-TIX, authors and publishers can also gain valuable insights into the book market. The platform enables them to identify trends.

Expert Opinion

Here you can read an interview with publishing representative Wolfgang Brunner. He has been an expert in the industry for years and will give you further interesting insights. Interview with Publisher’s Representative Wolfgang Brunner

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