Why Are Reviews Important for My Book?

Almost everyone knows this situation: you are searching for a product online and when you find it, the next thing you look at are the reviews. After all, you want good value for money and it’s important to know the opinions of others who have already tested the product.

It’s the same with books, so book reviews and readers’ opinions are becoming more and more important. If the book was found to be good by readers, this arouses curiosity in new customers and thus also increases the probability of a book purchase.

But there is another reason why reviews are very important. The more positive reviews your title has, the better the online shops place your title on their platform, which also increases the visibility of your product.


What to do if the reviews are not so good?

Of course, everyone wants only good reviews for their own title. However, not so positive reviews can also be helpful. For example, if several readers comment on the same thing, such as spelling mistakes, this could be a reason for you to review your product and perhaps even publish a new edition. (Please note that taste varies so don’t give up at the first less than favourable review).

Below are a few examples of how you can get more reviews:
  1. You can use platforms like Lovelybooks or NetGalley to get reviews.
  2. We offer a blogger review that you can book in your Feiyr account, for already published titles.
  3. If you have received positive feedback via social media, e.g. Instagram, Facebook etc., or even by email, feel free to ask your readers to publish their review at one of the popular online shops.
  4. You can also place a note at the end of your book that you would be happy to receive feedback or a review in one of the shops.
  5. If you are planning a new edition and have received positive and meaningful reviews from readers, feel free to use this in your blurb. (However, as is often the case, “less is more”, so you should only include a maximum of 2-3 reviews)

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