YouTube Musik ist ein Musik-Streaming-Dienst, der es ermöglicht, Musik zu streamen und herunterzuladen.

YouTube Music as a Streaming Service

What´s Behind YouTube Music?

YouTube has become one of the most popular online platforms for music in recent years. With the launch of YouTube Music, the company also has its own music streaming service that is becoming increasingly important and allows users to stream and download music. YouTube Music is a separate app developed by YouTube to improve the music listening experience on the platform.

What Are the Advantages of YouTube Music?

The app offers a personalised music experience with easy navigation and an improved search function. YouTube Music also offers a wide range of music genres and tracks, from both major record labels and independent artists.
One of the main advantages is that videos can be converted into music. This means that users can download music from videos to listen to offline. YouTube Music also offers a feature called “Smart Downloads” that automatically downloads tracks to the user’s device for offline listening.

Another advantage is that it is tightly integrated with other Google products such as Google Assistant and Google Home. Music can therefore be played directly via voice commands.
As an artist, you can earn money through YouTube Music by uploading your music via the distribution platform

The YouTube Partner Programme also allows you to earn advertising revenue when users listen to your music and click on ads that appear before, during or after videos. The amount of revenue depends on various factors, such as the number of views, advertising revenue, country and target audience.

How Can I Release My Music?

To publish your music on YouTube Music, you can use Feiyr is an online distribution service that allows musicians, artists and labels to publish their music on various platforms, including
YouTube Music. handles the process of reviewing and approving the music and publishing it on various platforms such as YouTube Music, Spotify and Apple Music, TikTok, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram
and many more. Once your music is available on YouTube Music, and you meet the guidelines, you can earn money through the YouTube affiliate programme.


Overall, YouTube Music is an interesting and exciting way to offer and monetise your music. Whether you’re already established or just starting out, it’s worth familiarising yourself with the possibilities of
YouTube Music.

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