Das Bild symbolisiert die Plattformen VLB-TIX und VLB.

Difference between VLB and VLB-TIX

Most people have heard of the VLB (Verzeichnis Lieferbarer Bücher). But why is there another VLBTIX? And do you even need both? Spoiler: Yes you do!

The VLB (Verzeichnis lieferbarer Bücher)

The VLB is a comprehensive database containing information on all books available in Germany. It is
the main reference for booksellers to keep track of the wide range of titles available. The VLB
contains information such as ISBN, title, author, publisher, price and availability of books.


The VLBTIX is an enhanced platform based on the VLB. The VLBTIX (Verzeichnis Lieferbarer Bücher
Titelinformationssystem) offers additional functions and possibilities for publishers, authors,
booksellers and other decisionmakers in the book industry. It enables the direct exchange of
information and efficient cooperation between the parties involved.

Find out more about this platform in this blog post:

But VLBTIX can do even more!

It allows publishers to offer their titles for download in various formats (e.g. mobi, PDF, epub).
Publishers can also create targeted previews for booksellers and journalists. Reviews and impressions
from different interest groups can be collected at an early stage. VLBTix also offers booksellers the
opportunity to order books directly via the platform.

In summary, the VLB is the comprehensive database, while the VLBTIX is an extended platform that
builds on the VLB and offers additional functions to facilitate information exchange and cooperation
in the book indu

Learn more about the VLB and follow this link: VLB-Tix – Why It Matters

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