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The Key Ingredients of a Perfect Facebook Post

Facebook is still the most popular marketing tool. If you want to make your post stand out from the crowd, follow these tips. TIME IS EVERYTHING More than half of all Facebook posts are published between 10 am and 4 pm. Skip rush hour – if you post after 4 pm you can get 20%…
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From Word to ePub – How It Works

Although print books are still very popular, eBooks are the fastest way to self-publish your book worldwide. If you want to make it easy for millions of readers to find, buy, and enjoy your book, you should make an electronic version of your printed books. Between the writing and eBook distribution steps comes the conversion-to-ePub…
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Create a Facebook Fanpage for Your eBook!

Social media marketing is crucial to promote your eBook effectively. Among social media, Facebook plays a key role. In five steps you can create your own Facebook Fanpage and grow your marketing potential. Go to and choose your favorite category. Upload the right image. Describe your Fanpage and add a web address (if you…
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Write Every Day

Writing is not only a hobby, but also a good mental exercise. You are an author, but you don’t write every day? Well, you should. Here is why. Words are the writer’s most important tool – so it can be a problem if you are writing a book but you cannot find the right words…
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Snapchat for Authors

You are tech-savvy and have fun testing new communication tools? Then, you should definitely use Snapchat and discover new marketing strategies. On Snapchat, you can promote events, answer to your readers’ questions and do many other things. Snapchat is an app where posts are only available for a short time before they become inaccessible. In…
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Self-Publishing Day 2017

The Self Publishing Day is taking place on June 10 in Hamburg. Feiyr is attending the event again and is looking forward to interesting meetings! You are going to attend the event as well? Then, why don’t you come by our booth! Here you can find out more about the Self-Publishing Day (in German only).…
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Networking for Authors

Your book is finished, but your work is not yet finished! If you want to sell your title, you have to market it. Before you start, define your target audience and choose the right strategy. In this article, I offer some tips to help authors get the most out of networking. 1) SOCIAL MEDIA Use…
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Book Marketing on XING

XING is a German platform for business networking where you can put advertisements to promote your book. On XING, you can connect with colleagues and experts and ask them to join your professional network. The platform also gives you the chance to take out advertisements and promote your profile, your website or your event. You…
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Pick the Perfect Book Title

The title of your book should grab readers’ attention and persuade them to buy your book. Even though finding the perfect book title is not always easy, getting your title right is the most important marketing decision you will make. When you think about titling your book, try to avoid making these common mistakes. You…
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Tips for Better Spell Checking

Use a Spell Checker. You can check spelling and grammar all at once by running the spelling and grammar checker of your computer, or you can check spelling and grammar automatically and make corrections as you work. You can search for and replace items such as text, images, captions, bookmarks, or certain types of formatting…

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