Kaffeetasse, rosa Rosen und geöffnetes Buch auf dunklem Hintergrund

Making Photos of Copyright Material

This article provides an overview of the general principles applicable to photographic copyright. Copyright should be considered when creating a cover artwork, a social media or a blog post. Nowadays, there are several platforms on the internet where you can download pictures, and you can always take good pictures with your smartphone. That does not…
geöffnetes Buch auf Holzsteg

Short Tip: Seasonal Keywords

Keywords are a very important part of eBook marketing. Most of the time, you choose keywords before you publish your eBook according to its content and genre. It is also recommended to think about which words a potential reader would type into a shop’s search bar to find a new book. In any case, keywords…
schwarzweiß Bild mit offenem Buch und Kaffeetasse

The Right Time to Release Your Book

You have finished writing and proofreading your book and the book’s cover is ready. Now, you want publish it as soon as possible – or maybe it’s better to wait a bit? When is actually the right time to publish a book – right before the beginning of a book fair? During the pre-Christmas period?…
Frau tippt auf einem Macbook

Increasing Sales with a Sales Campaign

The numbers of your eBook sales have decreased? You are running a promotion campaign at the moment? You have released the latest part of a book series? A sales campaign could be the right thing for you. You can start with a sales campaign or change your price for good at any time after your…
Mädchen mit Blumenkranz im Haar liest ein Buch und sitzt auf einer Wiese

How to Generate Reviews for Your Books

If you want to improve your Amazon ranking, you need reviews. Reviews are an essential element of a marketing plan and can influence purchase decisions. In this article, you will find out what you can do to generate more reviews for your books. BOOK CLUBS If you offer you book to book-clubs for free, you…
Frau macht Schnappschuss mit dem Smartphone

Feiyr at the Leipzig Book Fair 2017

In March, authors, publishers and readers from all over the world will be gathering at the Leipzig Book Fair 2017 to get information and discover what is new in the business. In Leipzig this year, over 2,000 publishers will be presenting their programs to 260,000 visitors during more than 3,200 events. In cooperation with partners…
drei Bleistifte auf einem Holztisch

Three Tips That Will Help You Editing Your Novel

After writing down your novel, a very important step follows – editing your novel. Here below you can find 3 helpful tips that will help you in the process. Distance If you have been concentrating on the same text for too long, you might have trouble making out details in your text that need to…
Frau sitzt auf einem Stein mittten in einer grünen Wiese mit Bäumen im Hintergrund und liest ein Buch

Organize Your Readings

In the book industry, a reading is a traditional promotion tool. It’s not easy to organize a reading though – so you’d better follow our advice to learn how to do it right! Address Your Target Group Look for adequate locations in your surroundings. You can also find cooperation partners or bring people in who…
jemand liest im liegen ein Buch

Our Cure for Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is every author’s worst nightmare. Is it possible to overcome writer’s block, and how? Here below, we will give you an understanding of a few creative techniques that can be used to cure writer’s block – it doesn’t matter if you are at the very beginning or in the middle of the writing…

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