An ebook lies on top of a book. Digital ebook distribution is presented.

Digital Ebook Distribution – 20 Most Important Terms

You would like to publish and sell your ebooks, but you lack the necessary know-how? Now you’re in the right place! Learn more about the 20 most important terms in digital eBook distribution!


International Standard Book Number is a unique number assigned to each
book and eBook to identify it in the marketplace.


An open eBook format supported by many ereaders and eBook platforms.

3. EPUB3

The latest version of the EPUB format that supports additional features such
as audio, video and interactive content.

4. Mobi

The proprietary eBook format supported by Amazon Kindle devices and the
Kindle app.

5. Digital Ebook Distribution

Information about an eBook, including title, author, description, category
and cover image, used by search engines and online platforms.

6. Conversion

The process of converting from one file format to another, e.g. from a
Word document to EPUB format.

7. XML

Extensible Markup Language is a universal language for representing and
transmitting data, which is also used to create eBooks.

8. Fixed Layout

A layout in which the page layout of the eBook’s pages is fixed. It is
often used for books with many images, graphics or other design elements.

9. Reflowable Layout

A layout where the text can be dynamically adjusted to the
screen size of the reader. It allows the reader to adjust the font size, line spacing and
other settings.

10. Self-Publishing

The publication of books by the author himself without a
traditional publisher as an intermediary.

11. Publisher

A company that publishes and distributes eBooks and other print or
digital media. Publishers often offer support to authors in editing, designing,
publishing and marketing their books.

12. Publishing Software

software used to create, edit and publish eBooks and other
digital content.

13. Aggregator

A company that facilitates the publication of eBooks on multiple
platforms by allowing authors and publishers to distribute their eBooks to multiple
retailers simultaneously.

14. DRM

Digital Rights Management is a technology and rights management system
that can restrict access to digital eBook content to protect copyright.

15. Copy Protection

a security feature that can be integrated into eBooks to prevent
unauthorised distribution and use of eBooks e.g. through passwords or digital

16. POD

Print on Demand is a printing process in which books are only printed when
they are ordered. To set the title for PoD, the eBook must be published first.

17. Backlist

A list of books that have been published by a publisher or author but are
no longer being reprinted or promoted.

18. Pre-Order

A preorder strategy that allows customers to buy an eBook before the
official release date.

19. Email Marketing

A marketing strategy aimed at attracting and retaining potential
customers by sending emails.

20. Royalty

The share of the sales revenue of an eBook that the author or publisher is
entitled to.

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