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How to Successfully Sell Books/eBooks | The 10 Best Tips | Part 1

You wrote a book or eBook and now it’s time to start selling it, but as a self-publisher you don’t really know how to increase your sales and what marketing strategies you should use. Follow our 10 best tips to successfully sell your books/eBooks online and offline.

Use Social Media: Facebook, Instagram & Co.

Set up your own Facebook fan page and an Instagram profile, to stay in contact with your readers and followers. You can post about your newest release, your public readings, book fairs, etc. You publish posts on a regular basis to gain (even) more followers. Another good possibility to increase your social media presence is Pinterest. To establish business contacts you can use Xing or LinkedIn.

Your Own Website

Like Facebook, your website can be used to inform your followers. You can also present a Portfolio of all your books/eBook, to give everyone an overview of your releases. It is better, if you also set up a newsletter, where your followers can subscribe to it through your website. A newsletter is the perfect way, to keep your subscribers up to date. E-mail marketing is very successful, because the opening rates of newsletter mails are usually quite high. The advantage of e-mail marketing is that you are not dependent on the social media platforms only. Right now there is a lot of hype about Facebook, Instagram & Co., but what if almost nobody uses those platforms in a few years? All of your hard work to gain followers would be gone. You can also use your website to sell your books and eBooks on your website. And again, the more channels you use, the more you can increase your visibility.

Start Advertising

The most obvious of all tips is to start advertising your book. The best thing to do is to get active around your release date and start advertising campaigns for your book/eBook on the social media platforms. You can also use your social media channels to do giveaways in order to gain more attention and more followers. You can also send out a national or international press release for the media and journalists to let them know about your newest release.

Increase Your Online Visibility

You can increase the online visibility of your book/eBook by listing it on as many platforms as possible. The more shops selling your books there are, the higher the possibility you can actually sell it. The most important stores are the big players like Amazon, iBookstore, Thalia and Google Play. Together with Feiyr you can sell your eBook worldwide to more than 160 stores.

Collect Reviews Online

Most online shops offer customer reviews for articles that have already been bought. A lot of good reviews confirm the quality of your book/eBook and make it easier for a potential reader to eventually buy your book. You can also reach out to book bloggers and ask them, if they would like to write a review on their blog for you. Not only you get a very valuable review, but also you can use this opportunity to give away a few books. Don’t forget to share the blog post on your social media channels to increase your followers.   Click here, to read 5 more tipps from our 10 best tipps Part 2

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