Publications at the Turn of the Year

Especially at the turn of the year, it is important to consider some facts in your release plan. Only then your release can be online in the shops on the desired date and your fans are not disappointed.

Is Two Weeks’ Lead Time Before Christmas Enough?

NO, that is far too short. Most likely, the release will not be online by the release date.

Bear in mind that there are often a number of bank holidays around Christmas and it is also a popular holiday period for distributors. Due to many deliveries at Christmas time, the processing times are sometimes doubled.

We will inform you via our newsletter about exact delivery deadlines which have to be kept. These are communicated to us by some stores in a timely manner. In the Feiyr account the info is then directly on the home page under the section “System News”.


Plan with several weeks of lead time and pay attention to the deadlines of the stores!

For pre-sales or exclusive releases even up to 4 weeks longer!

How Can I Attract Attention for My Release in These Hectic Times?

Basically, the same is recommended as for any other release.

It is always worthwhile to post an picture or reel on social media (e.g. Instagram/Facebook). A YouTube short or announcement video is just as useful to draw fans’ attention to it.

Read here when the perfect time for press releases & social media is:

Do I Have to Observe Special Guidelines?

The same requirements and guidelines apply for the Christmas business and at the turn of the year as during the year. You might want to read them again or take a look at the current FAQs of the distributor or the shops. This way you can avoid rejections and the associated delays right from the get go.

Here you will find helpful information on publishing via



Tutorial Video:

Does My Success Increase if I Release at Christmas Time?

Not necessarily. Many artists and bands use Christmas as an opportunity to release a new album, EP or single. They hope to be able to tap into the flourishing Christmas business and achieve a lot of sales.

The big BUT: music lovers and fans are flooded by this mass of new releases. Sometimes your elaborate pre-announcement and release gets lost and all the work and passion was for nothing.

The solution: If your release has nothing to do with Christmas or winter in particular, step out of line. Create your own image and dare to release at a time of your choosing. Your release deserves attention and recognition!

If you still want to make a Christmas release, aim it directly at your fans and not at the big wide market.

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